Viola Johnson

Viola Johnson, Mama Vy, as she is affectionately known is a dancer. Just put on some music and watch her move. Mama Vy has been a integral part of Sistahs for the past six years. Mama Vy brings a joyful spirit and a heart of laughter to everything she touches. Mama Vy also serves as the Director of Communications for the Ashe’ Cultural Center. She truly epitomizes what it means to be a Sistah Making A Change. Meet our Sistah of the month Mama Vy.

Sistahs Making A Change Viola

Viola T. Johnson is currently a self-employed media specialist, working primarily with Ashé Cultural Arts Center. She has handled public relations and communications responsibilities to include radio, television, print media and social media.  She has worked in the graphic arts industry for over 30 years.  Her credits include writing, graphic design, extensive editing, publication creation, ads, magazine spreads and the like for such corporations as Warner Bros. Records, Virgin Records, New Orleans Public Schools, The National Black Programmers’ Coalition, The Urban League, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, Ashé Cultural Arts Center and others.

For several years, she worked in the public school district’s public relations department which included media relations and community outreach for schools and departments.

Johnson headed the printing and graphic arts department for New Orleans Public Schools for over 28 years, retiring only because of Hurricane Katrina.

She is delighted to be a part of Sistahs Making a Change, and is most appreciative of the accolade.


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