Shantay Johnson

This month we are excited to start this year off with a BANG and what better way than to introduce our Sistah of the Month, Shantay Johnson. Shantay is a delightful young lady who loves to move it, move it, moveee it! She brings a high energy to Sistahs unmatched by few. Shantay loves to dance. She is usually in the first roll of classes, confident and ready to take on new challenges.

Shantay not only participates in the dance classes but is actively involved in all of the health education classes too. She adds to the discussions in her own unique style.

This month Shantay turns 21 years old. Happy Birthday Sistah of the Month Miss Shantay Johnson.


Shantay Johnson will be 21 years old this month! She is a native New Orleanian who has a natural disposition toward dance, especially hip hop. Shantay loves Jesus and shares this love with everyone she encounters in life.  And Shantay is a Diva Sistah!!


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