Gabriella “Gigi” Frank

GiGi is a faithful member of Sistahs Making A Change. She not only loves dance but is always willing to help another Sistah struggling with a step or concept. She has taught classes when called upon. I can always depend on GiGi to set the party off. Nothing comes between GiGi and Sistahs Making A Change. Recently when needing to assist in the care for her infant niece she didn’t let that stop her. She bundled her up and brought her with her. We got the joy of watching the baby grow into a energetic toddler. Meet our Sistah of the Month:

Performance at Ashe to Beyonce + Secondline

Gabriella “Gigi” Frank loves New Orleans and loves Ashe’.  She is a native of the Big Easy, that is passionate about dancing, having a good time and enjoying life!  This mother of one is a mother to many.  She is a nurturer and family person.  She is spiritual and humbling.

She is a Xavier University graduate and works as a  human resources professional, specializing in benefits administration, payroll , and employee relations, including performance management and personnel matters.  June is her birthday month, which she celebrates the whole month.  Being “Sistah of the Month” for  June gives her more reasons to celebrate.  She has been a part of Sistah’s Making a Change since 2006. She came to visit and hasn’t left yet.


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