Felicia Renee Brown

Sistah Felicia truly represents all that is Sistahs Making A Change. On the first night she joined us she quietly came in and put herself in line to dance. She followed along and in her on way appeared to have a great time. And then, we made a circle and individuals began going in for solos. When her time came I thought she would just run away but instead she smiled her beautiful smile and danced. She has been dancing ever since! Felicia is a gifted textile artist and has become quite the dancer. She has performed on numerous events with Sistahs and at solo time she is often the first one in the circle. She brings a smile to every corner of her world and we are so happy that is a part of Sistahs Making A Change. Meet our Sistah of the Month, Felicia Renee Brown.


I am often asked if I know the meaning of my first name. I respond in the affirmative, noting it has two meanings. I am the namesake of my grandfather and father; their first name being Felix. Most recognize the Latin “felix” and that it means happy, but few seem to recall it also means fortunate. Several years ago, I committed to live out the meanings of my name recognizing and relishing with gratitude all the manifest blessings that God makes available. I am attempting to see the many graces that present themselves daily. One of which is the company of women I have encountered through Sistahs and the group of quilters with whom I meet (which exposed me to the world of fabric & fiber artistry!!!). For this I am truly grateful.  My motto—felicity … share happiness™.


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