Brenda Waller

Brenda is a dedicated Sistah. Rain or shine, never too hot or too cold, you can find her leaving it all on the floor at Sistahs.  For our recent fundraiser Brenda revealed a great creative talent and  made some of the most beautiful decorative pillows. Brenda is helpful. She is always willing to do what it takes to make it right for the benefit of others. Her smile and easy disposition makes her a joy to be around. She can always be depended on to volunteer where ever and when ever she is needed. She is the devoted daughter of our first Sistah of the Month, Mama Annie. Meet our Sistah of the Month, Brenda Waller.
Sistah of the month Brenda Waller
 My name is Brenda Waller. I’m Sistah of the month for August also born in August. I was born and raised in New Orleans. I’m 58 year old. I been marriage for 26 years to my husband, Joey. We have three girls Janice, Crystal and Brittany. Two grandchildren Corgin and Jules.  I graduated from Alicee C. Fortier High School which is now  Lusher High School.  My hobbies are cleaning, playing bingo, walking and going to church.  I also enjoy coming to Ashe Center dancing ,exercising , laughing talking about healthy eating  dieting and you get lot of good information about things happening in  neighborhood ,community and problems around the city . I ‘ve been a member of Ashe Cultural Art Center since 2010. I really enjoy my time at the center.

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