Brandi Nicole

Brandi Nicole is a beautiful daughter of Sistahs. She is fully a Sistah Making A Change. Brandi is a sweet, loving, helpful daughter. She is always willing to assist in any endeavor Sistahs under take whether it be sharing in our education classes and bring her own unique perspective, to helping to clean up during and after classes. Brandi is a gifted and talented dancer and has regularly performed with Sistahs on numerous occasions. Not only is she a helpful and a talented dancer but she is also a gifted student. In spite of the fact that she is amongst adult women, she maintains a child’s heart. Meet our Sistah of the Month, Brandi Nicole.

Sistahs Making a Change Brandi

Brandi Nicole is 9 years old. Born and reared in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brandi’s is an honor student as well. Brandi loves to dance and has been dancing all of her life. She has been dancing with Sistahs Making a Change since she was 4 years old. Brandi spends most of her time with her “Big Mama” at Sistah’s Making a Change. Brandi’s hobbies are dancing, cooking, and gardening. She’s has also been one of the youngest faithful members at the Ashe Cultural Arts Center.


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