Avis Teja Carey

September Sistah of the Month

Mama Avis Teja Carey is the September Sistah of the Month. Mama Teja as she is affectionately known is just that, a true Mama to our community. Teja has been a long time member of Sistahs Making a Change and truly exemplifies the term “leave it all on the dance floor.” I call her “Lil Ratty” and for those of you who don’t know just watch her dance and see her swagger and soulful style. Teja always has a listening ear, an open heart, and a thoughtful word. She is my Sistah Sister, a true friend, and one that I love. Meet our Sistah of the Month, Mama Teja.

Sistahs Making a Change Mama Teja

My name is Avis “Teja” Carey. I am the mother of 3 sons and 2 daughters. I have been Auntie and Mom to my Sister Cheryl’s two sons since her passing several years ago. I am a grandmother and loving it I was born in Baltimore but found myself when I moved to New Orleans and consider New Orleans my home. I now visit Baltimore and hurriedly return to my home in New Orleans.

I am Licensed Practical Nurse with a specialty in early childhood development. I work with seriously disabled children and their parents to help them to reach their individual highest degree of functioning. I teach sign language for infants and toddlers. I am a recent graduate of the Ashe’ College Unbound Program where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Community and Cultural Development.

I love Sistahs, my Family, and I love my community. I understand in order to care for my family and my community I must care for myself. One of the ways I do that is my giving myself the time to participate in activities that enhance and rest me! Sistahs is that for me.


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