Angela Esteves

Angela is a joy to our Sistahood . She always walks in with a bounce in her step and a smile. Angela has a great attitude and is always willing to offer a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a helping hand. Angela not only is a regular participant in class but can be seen working it out on stage at all Sistahs performances. Now remember these ladies are not professional dancers and many had never been on a stage but Angela and one of her Sistah friends were the only two to show up for a performance. There was a rather large audience, Angela did not let it stop her she got up, danced and secured a rather large donation for Sistahs. Her commitment to Sistahs and her word that she would do the performance took priority over any fears she might have had. She is truly a Sistah Making A Change. Meet our Sistah of the Month, Angela Esteves.

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I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m the 2nd of 7 siblings and graduated in the class of 1974 from J.S. Clark Sr. High School. My husband and I proudly celebrated 37 years of marriage through life’s situations on January 17, 2013. I’m the mother of three sons and grandmother of four grandchildren. I enjoy preparing special dishes and entertaining my family and friends. I also enjoy the time I spend dancing, exercising, talking and laughing with my Sistahs. I was introduced to Sistahs Making a Change thanks to my friend and co-worker Brenda. The Sistahs and Ashe’ Cultural Arts Center has been a blessing to me mind, body and soul. I’m glad I came. ASHE’ ASHE’


One Response to Angela Esteves

  1. Annie Robertson says:

    You go Angie your the one . Its really has been a blessing getting to know you. And spinning our sistahs time together your honesty and straightforward is refreshing . Go Sistha !

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