Denise Graves

Sistah Instructor Denise Graves


Who is personal coach and what does Denise do? Personal coach and life coach are used interchangeably, and they both work with clients to help change their lives. They help change lives and realize goals and dreams through inquiry, support, and encouragement.

Rev. Dr. Denise L. Graves, Personal Coach

I believe in the possibility of people and the amazing ability to co-create the kind of life that is peaceful, abundant, ever-growing, and full of meaning and loving. I believe in helping people realize their “enoughness” in ways that allows for growth, self-love and appreciation.

The Personal Coach Helps the Whole Person

Career coaches help with career issues, executive coaches help individuals become better executives, so it would be logical to assume that a personal coach helps individuals become better people. To become a better person, all aspects of someone’s life should be addressed, analyzed, and ameliorated. Here are some of the most common areas of a person’s life which can be supported by the personal coach.


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