Sistahs will take you on a dance journey around the world. Our goal is to help women discover the joy of movement, rather than the dread of exercise. Our dance and musical journey will take you from America and Zulu-land. We have practiced self-defense with capoeira and RAD. Sistahs will help you bust those guts and butts. Sistahs Making a Change believes the health and wellness mantra: “if you know better you will do better.” In line with that belief we offer health education classes on such diverse topics from asthma to zits. We provide basic health screenings and offer referrals to promote wellness and preventative health. As Sistahs looks to expand our reach into our community, we are now branching off into acting and community activism. Join us as we empower women to make better choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. Sistahs Making a Change is a production of Efforts of Grace Inc. and The Ashé Cultural Arts Center.

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About Ashé Cultural Arts Center:

Ashé Cultural Arts Center (Ashé), an initiative of Efforts Of Grace, is a 18,200-square-foot, multi-use facility located on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard in the heart of the historic Central City section of New Orleans. The building houses two halls and twenty-nine apartments. In addition, Ashé has established an in-community facility called Redd House in memory of its co-founder Douglas Redd. Ashé also has several other innovative programs and projects in various stages of development. All of these endeavors are designed to utilize culture to foster human development, civic engagement and economic justice in the African-American community. EOG/Ashé and its principals have been the recipients of several prestigious honors, including the 2001 New Orleans Multi-Cultural Tourism Network’s New Product Award, a 2004 New Orleans Mayor’s Arts Award, and the 2007 Big Easy Award for Best Ethnic Dance Production (The Origin of Life on Earth: An African Creation Myth). The work of EOG has been supported by private and public funders as well as by contributions from individuals. Additional funding is sought to support both ongoing programs and new initiatives.

Please visit Ashé’s website –Here
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  1. Cynthia C Edwards says:

    If you missed Yoel tonight, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016……well, you missed a certified TREAT! I had so much fun dancing and learning about the history of dance in Cuba, the Caribbean and South American. Fantastic!

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