Get Rid of the Plastic!

Small changes make for big dividends – at least that’s what i have experienced. Here’s an article about those plastic water bottles and the havoc they wreak on our bodies and our environment. Found it in Natural Alternatives Magazine.

Plastic water bottles have adverse effects on both your body and the environment. Making an easy behavioral change in your home and office can decrease your exposure to toxins found in plastic materials, reduce the amount of plastic funneled into landfills and our oceans (which ultimately gets ingested by sea life and thus impacts our seafood because plastic does not biodegrade), and save you money!


You, Sistah, could save thousands of gallons of water annually used in creating plastic bottles. You, Sistah, can prevent over 40 pounds of plastic from entering nearby landfills. You, Sistah, can reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating truck delivery of water! You, Sistah, can save almost $500 a year!

This isn’t just good for the environment, but also the bottom line! As you stay fit this month, forget those plastic water bottles and rehydrate with a metal water bottle or canteen! Think about it.

Don’t worry, Ashe’. I’ll keep my eyes open for funding for a water filtration system for you.




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