Get your Prescriptions Filled Here!

Greetings Sistahs!

Yes, get your prescriptions filled at Ashe’. No not the metformin or the Prozac. LOL! I’m referring to the prescript for fresh fruits and vegetables available at all Crescent City Farmers Markets. By actively participating in Sistahs Making A Change, you are eligible for a $48 dollar food prescription which will be changed into vouchers at any of the CCFM in our area. That’s fresh free food ladies!  You can’t beat that with a stick! I found fresh fennel and heirloom tomatoes, fresh rutabagas and sweet potatoes (fresh and seasonal) and i STILL have vouchers to use this weekend. This weekend I will be on the lookout for cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Ok, onions, celery and garlic too. I’m gonna hit the farmers’ market at 750 Carondelet at Julia first thing Saturday morning. I’m told that parking meters will be in effect, but my plan is to ‘hit and run’ before the metermaids can ticket me. LOL! There are discounted parking codes available for $2 for 1 hour at and between the hours of 8 AM and 12 Noon. Better to pay $2 than $40, especially if you plan to spend time bartering, smelling, tasting and comparing.

Check out for more locations, days and hours of operation and directions.

See you there!


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