This Woman’s Work

So I sit in this chair beside her hospital bed, waiting on Momma. For once in her life, everything revolves around her. She’ll be coming home soon. I can hardly wait. I have time to sing with her and talk with her and reminisce. This time is going by so fast. I’m torn between wanting her to stay here with us and wanting her to be free of the pain. On the one hand, i’d like for her to be with me always. What a novel idea. But while the mind can live on in infamy, the body needs rest.  So i sit and watch and attempt to comfort her. I rub her back, her butt, her legs, her tummy…not necessarily in that order.

She came home a few days ago and we went about the tasks of cleaning and cooking. I washed linen and lucy. i cut apples and administered meds. We did every thing we could do to make her comfortable. She left this space in peace and serenity. I said the prayer of protection over her twice. She is now at peace.  She takes our love with her and we keep her love with us. Take your rest, Mom. You deserve it. Save a seat for me.



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