Successful Coooking Class

Lovely photos from the Cooking Class at the Goldring Center. Everyone had a blast and took away new knowledge about food preparation. Keep an eye out for our upcoming May event calendar and come join in the fun.

Please visit the Goldring Center website for more infromation:


20150406_191336 20150420_190531 20150420_191519 Chef Katie Cooking Class Cythia and Sasha Doc Griggs, Rosa Esther, Bertha Future Chefs Laughing at the Asparagus. Mama J Cooking Look at those lovely dishes

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One Response to Successful Coooking Class

  1. Cynthia C Edwards says:

    The recipes were easy but as the class progressed, they became more challenging. I found myself trying new food items I’d never had before, like turnips and I even made my own hummus! I even roasted a tenderloin for the very first time and learned a way to cut it to make the portion look like it was more than it was. LOL! My favorite veggie ‘turned up’ is mushrooms sautéed in a balsamic vinaigrette – talk about GOOD!

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