My Year……….ME!!!

Peace Sistahs,

Reflections of 2013. As I look back on 2013 my spirit smiles. My spirit smiles because your faces, your laughter, you come to mind. You, my Sistahs are a very special family of women, and men. I love the sharing and caring that is Sistahs. Thank you.

As we reflect please send me any pictures and/or thoughts that you might want to post on our blog. Add a post, share a thought, post a picture. You can also email anything you would like posted to me and I will get it to the blog for you.

Going forward let’s focus on the one who is the nurturer, the care giver….YOU! One of my favorite pieces of poetry is “Our Women Keep Our Skies From Falling.” That’s a heavy burden we carry but we do it so effortlessly, so gracefully, so willingly that we often forget how heavy that task is and what it requires of us to do it. The poem is illustrated with a group of strong women holding the sky in place together.. We, Sistahs, are that group of women. The theme moving into 2014 My Year……..Me! It may sound selfish to some but caring. for yourself is the best thing you can give those you love. When one improves themselves they improve everything and everyone around them. . Your family and your community benefit from the strength and knowledge you gain. So let’s make this year all about YOU. A healthier you. A wiser you. A stronger you. All of this equals a healthier, wiser, stronger family and community. Join us as we come together every Monday and Thursday 6-8 PM for Sistahs Making A Change.

Sending you love and light in this New Year.

Mama Jamilah

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