“Change your mind, Change your life”

Community soulful meditation is session 6 of the “Change your mind, Change you life” series.  The assumption is that all meditation is quiet and still.  The heart beat and the drum beat of  “Sistahs” is forever connected to how we live our life. Soulful meditation is about movement with intention, repetition(mantras) and music.  This type of meditation causes the mind and body to respond in amazing ways.  It is as old as time itself.  The beat of drums, bells, shakers, gourds, washboards and one string guitars make incredible rhythms that big mamas, parrins and more moved to. The mind calms down, body heals, the mind clears, problems are resolved and joy is restored.. In this session we will be still, move and experience a calming lying down meditation. I love calming my life, creating energy for inspiration and joy and lastly building a soulful group of people to be in relationship with.
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