Dear Friends,
No one can change your life for you. Others can inspire, support and hold you accountable for your behavior. You have to do the work. Your opportunity and role as an adult is to put a new plan in motion.  I believe in you, possibilities and a better future. So breathe and calm down.
Take a few minutes and inhale to the count of four. Push the air to your abdomen. Hold for a count of 2. Now exhale slowly. Repeat this 10 times and notice how you fell, talk, move and think.
 Do this for the next 7 days.  Watch your life change for the better.
Peace, This is Denise
Peace Ministry: Building relationships that enhance our world.
 Personal Coaching, Group process facilitation, Consulting
Rev. Denise Graves, DD, MPA, MASM, PhD
Peace Ministry LLC, Founder/President
P.O. Box 58766
New Orleans, LA 70158
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